Best party ending

Published March 17, 2024 tag category
Best party ending

Hi, this is a story about my having sex, the funny thing about it is that I almost decided to stay home that day instead of going.

It was a Friday night, and there was this in a place a guy rented. My friend asked me to come even though I wasn't19. He told me: "your gonna get in with my card and we'll have fun". I finally agreed and when with him. As we arrived there, my friend gave me his car keys and said to me: xnxxv sunny leone video "You"re the one driving tonight cause I'll probably drink to much for that". As he had told me, I easily got in with his card.

After a while talking to people I knew, I notice a girl on the dance floor, I had never seen her with any of my friend but anyway it didn't matter. She was about 5"8, she had brown hair and an awesome ass in her tight pants. I went on the dance floor and started dancing next to her. I knew she had seen me but since I'm a shy guy I didn't touch her. 5 minute later my who convince me to come pass by me and said (talking about the girl I was after): 

"She has a man what you waiting for? If you don't dance with her I will."
I said: "You know I'm a shy guy come on take another one and let me time."

After saying ok to me he took my hands, put them on the girl hips and left me with her. The girl liked it. (I had her back on my chest since I wasn't facing her while I danced alone.) We dance for half and hour when she put a finger real forced anal against her will on my mouth and told me:"wait for me ill be back in 5 minute I need to go to the bathroom."

When she came back to me, and before I could take her in my hands, the guy next to me grabbed her to dance. Of course, she didn't want to dance with him, so she turned herself on me putting her ass very tight on my cock, took my hand in hers and put them on her pussy. (You can't even imagine how frustrated the guy looked when he saw us dancing.) Of course, what she did gave me more confidence that I could go further with her. We danced another half an hour but this time our eyes couldn't look anywhere else then the other one eyes. After looking at each other for that long, we stopped dancing and started kissing each other.

That's about the time we got outside; I grabbed her ass and lifted her at the right height to continued kissing and put her back against the wall of the building. After I few minute she tells me:"Do you have a condom we could make good use of?"

That when we went in my friend's car. I was trying to close the door while she had already taken out her shirt and her jeans; she was now on me with for only clothes her bra and her . I got undress and she started sucking and licking my dick. I stopped her before I came and I stared licking her shaved pussy until she started moaning. I then began to finger her before I could fuck her. She had a first small orgasm but I knew it because her pussy "closed" on my hand several times. After that I put my dick into her and she pushed a scream, but you could see she had screamed because she liked it. After a few seconds, she started yelling to me: "!" I fucked her until I couldn't hold It, I came in her mouth and she swallowed everything I gave her. I fingered and licked her until she got another orgasm. 

We got dressed, and we talked and kissed until 3 in the morning (time the party was over). At that time my friend came to his car and saw both of us kissing in his car and that's about the time she left to her car. 

I asked my friend if he had drink and he told me no so I just answered: "Perfect then you can drive cause I'm exhausted". He didn't realize and he couldn't we had sex in his car.
A week after I told me friend:"You know the party you insist for me to come. Well thank you cause the girl you saw and me had sex in your car and it was amazing."