Killing Time part 1

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
Killing Time part 1

You where with him, alone at your house on a Friday night trying to kill some time before meeting up with some friend later. You had decided to put on a movie to kill a little bit of time. The movie did have a sex scene, but you forgot about that when you put it in. You sat down on the couch and started to watch.

As the movie started, you noticed that he kept on looking at you and would occasionally catch a smile on his face. You wondered what was going. You thought he was /cute/">cute, but had never thought of him as more then a friend. You just continued watching the movie.

The movie was at a very boring part. You looked over at him, and he seemed to be focused on the movie. You noticed his eyes. Even in the dim light, you thought they were beautiful. His dark blue eyes and brown hair were attractive, but you hadn't thought of it before. You started to think maybe he would be worth something. You inched closer to him, attempting to let him in on a hint.

The sex scene started in the movie. It was a really good one. You were starting to get horny, and you thought that the same might be happening for him. You couldn't resist free porn movies download it anymore, as you moved over and virtually jumped on him, kissing him passionately. He responded immediately and wrapped his arms around you, returning the passionate kisses.

With your spare hand, you turned off the movie. You continued kissing him and had positioned yourself on top of him. You were horny and could feel his /boner/">boner poking out at you. He started to grind his leg in between your thighs and you let out a moan of /ecstasy/">ecstasy. For both of you, the breathing is getting heavy now. He has moved his hands further up, and one of them is caressing the back of your neck.

All of the sudden, he moves and pushes you down against the couch. He is now on full hd xvideo download top and he uses his hands to pin you down. You are helpless, lying there with him on top of you. He pushes up your shirt and begins to kiss your belly, slowly moving down. He returns and kisses you again. He positions himself against you and you can feel his leg rubbing in between your thighs” It feels so good.

He lets your hands free and you immediately pull his shirt off, revealing his /gorgeous/">gorgeous upper body. He moves in and starts kissing around your neck as you caress his back. You shrivel with anticipation as his soft lips meet your neck. Your whole body develops goose bumps. You want him so badly now.

He moves his hands to take off your shirt and then he begins to kiss downward from your neck. He slowly moves down your collar, to your chest, down to your bellybutton and stopping at the edge of your pants. Your body is screaming for more”” 

You pull him back upwards as your lips cry for his. You kiss him ferociously, holding him tightly against your almost naked chest. Your heart is pounding so hard, you have not felt like this before. It is amazing, you want him so badly. His eyes, his lips, his hands, they all make you crave more. 

You use your hands to caress his beautiful upper body. Everything is so smooth and his muscles seem to be sculpted perfectly. He continues kissing, and has now tried something new; He begins to bite your lip in between kisses. He kisses you more, and moves away your mouth to your neck, and then up to your ear. It is driving you wild. You hear the heavy pant of his breath in your ear. 

He slowly moves his hand down and undoes the button of your jeans. He asks you if it's ok, and unable to refuse, you say yes. He pulls them down a bit and slowly runs his hand between your thighs, tempting but not going anywhere. Your body is crying for more. He caries on and slowly, his hand finds your clit. He begins to caress it slowly with one finger, and your breathing gets heavier and heavier. He is continuing to kiss you all over, on your mouth, your cheek, your neck, your ear, and it is driving you wild. Your body is begging to be gratified. You tell him ”faster”.

His fingers begin to move in a faster circle, sending you into pure ecstasy. You know you are going to /climax/">climax soon, and as soon as your breathing gets heavy, he slows down. ”Not fair” you whisper. ”Just wait” he replies. He continues to rub your clit and slowly gets faster. You almost need to have an orgasm now. He continues, and your breathing gets heavy. You know the moment is coming soon and you have gripped on to him really hard. A powerful orgasm invades your body, sending pleasure rippling through every muscle in your body. It lasts what seems like forever. But he doesn't stop there, he fingers are still hard at work and you have yet another, then another, finally collapsing into his arms.