Moms Friends

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Moms Friends

Im a 36-year-old divorced guy. Ive never done well with /women/">women - ever. The only thing I have going for me is that I do have a slightly larger cock than most men. But it wasnt enough to keep my wife happy for more than a couple of years. Im dull and I know it. Until a year ago, I had only had sex with three women in my life, with no encores, except with my wife.

A year ago, I was visiting with my 60-year-old mother and she shocked me by asking me if I had a sex life. I embarrassedly said no, and that I hadnt had sex in well over a year. She asked me to do her a favor that would help us both out. Her /friend/best-friend/">best friend (also 60) was very /sad/">sad that she hadnt had sex since her husband passed away over 5 years ago. I said no out of shock, but a little while later I agreed, since I was very horny and hated the image of a 36-year-old guy beating off almost every night.

My mother said she would set it up and call me when she had. She called me up about a week later and said for me to come over on Tuesday afternoon. When I arrived she and her friend were having tea in her living room. /mom/">mom made the introductions, and it was obvious that both her friend and I were quite shy about this procedure. Mother ushered us into her bedroom and closed the door. But after 20 minutes of awkward chitchat nothing was happening. So then the door cracks open and my mother takes a peek alain lyle porn in at us to see if things are working out.

Mother sees the lack of action and takes over, directing like Steven Spielberg. She commences to start undressing her friend with a running commentary to me of things like, ?Steve, doesn?t Doris? hair look nice today?? and, ?Isn?t this a nice blouse?? as she removed it. ?Steve, don?t her breasts look sexy in her lacy bra?? And actually Doris breasts did look great in her bra ? big and round, easily a D cup. Mother quickly undid Doris? bra strap and let her breasts fall free. And fall they did, but because they were so large, they still looked pretty good (to me at least). Doris tried to cover her tits with her arms, but mom would have none of that, and said, ?Look Steve, she has /nipples/large-nipples/">large nipples like men like, right?? I could only stutter out with ?Sure mom.?

Then mom said, ?Steve, take off your shirt and show Doris your manly chest.? I quickly did and mother insisted we give each other a hug. It actually felt pretty good with her /tits/large-tits/">large tits against my bare chest. At mom?s insistence, I massaged Doris? tits for a few minutes. They felt good, though not very firm, but I noticed her nipples did get hard and poke out a bit.

Next mom abruptly said, ?Doris, get completely undressed, and don?t be so shy.? Mother helped her out of her skirt and panties. So there stood shy Doris in all her naked glory. Next mother said for me to get undressed too, so I did also, indian santali xvideo and was almost as shy as poor Doris. I wasn?t hard, but was still pretty impressive in the size department. Mom and Doris in unison said, ?Oh my!? And mother said, ?Steve, your? penis is much bigger than your father?s was, rest his soul.? Doris chimed in, ?Its Twice as big as my Henry?s was too.?

Due to the strangeness of the whole scene, I could not will my dick to get hard, especially in front of my mom. Mother said, ?Doris, I think you are going to have to help him out if you really want some of his handsome penis.? When Doris was a little slow in responding, mom actually placed my dick and balls in Doris? hand and told her to play with it. When I reacted to mom touching my dick, she said, ?For gosh sakes Steven, I used to wash it all the time when you were a kid.? Doris seemed to grow to the action and really started to examine and play rigorously with my dick and soon I at least started to get a semi hard on. Again mother took charge and told Doris to get modern and give me a blowjob. I could tell Doris didn?t really know how, but soon her enthusiasm took control, and she had me hard as a rock and throbbing.

At this point, mom said for Doris not to make me cum yet and pulled my dick out of Doris? mouth. My dick was pointing up at a nice angle and looked huge (if I do say so myself). Mom and Doris again, in chorus said, ?Oh my! That?s a monster!? Doris quickly got on the bed on her back and spread her legs wide. I crawled on top of her and lowered myself toward her slightly /hairy/hairy-pussy/">hairy pussy. Out of nowhere, my mother actually guided my dick to the right spot, and I entered Dorispussy up to the hilt, all eight inches. Doris just moaned and wrapped her legs around me like a vise. As I started giving Doris slow deep strokes, my mother said she would leave us two alone and left the room. Doris? pussy wasn?t loose like I thought it would be, but felt pretty darn good, and I pumped her hard and fast until she came twice and I came once. At that point, she kept her legs locked around me and said to try to keep going please. So I did, and stayed hard and gave her an /athletic/">athletic fuck that lasted another half hour. We both finished with powerful orgasms and rolled apart exhausted.

Later we walked into the living room with big satisfied grins on out faces, and thanked my mother for being so kind to set it up for us. Doris and I now fuck each other on a semi-regular basis.

But here?s the kinky part. It worked so well with Doris, that mother has now set it up with other older women without men, and I have fucked seven of her other friends as well. They say it has brought a spark back into their lives. They all share me and treat me like a king. I love it. I?m now a happy camper. You guys out there not getting any should try it.