Interesting Car Ride

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Interesting Car Ride

Well this is a true story I've been meaning to write for a while now. It's the first one I've ever done so any comments, please let me know.......

It was late in the evening, around 8:30pm. Bored at staying in for another for another night I decided to call my friend Mel and see if she want to go out for a drive for a while. She agreed and I picked her up from her house at around 10pm. She looked stunning! With her /gorgeous/">gorgeous figure, 36DD breasts and wearing only a small top and a skirt that came to just above her knee, I have to admit, my cock was already getting hard.

Neither of us were quite sure where we would be going as it was a cold night, but nevertheless we drove around for a little while. Once we had been driving for an hour or so the conversation started to turn a little more risky and we were talking about fantasies and past experiences. After a little more driving Mel placed her hand on my leg and started stroking closer and closer towards my cock. This was enough to get me instantly hard, and she knew it. Suddenly she stopped and whispered in my ear to "keep driving" while she searched through her bag that was in the footwell. I glanced over and I could see Mel unclipping her seatbelt and turning towards me. As I looked her in the eye she lifted her skirt, showing me she had no knickers and showing me her already dripping wet pussy. To my suprise she then pulled out a long silver /vibrator/">vibrator which she had found in her bag and began nudging it at the entrance of her tunnel. I gazed at her, my cock getting harder and harder. She continued to use her own hand to massage her clit, throwing her head back with every moan as the buzzing machine slid deeper and deeper inside her.

I was still driving at this point and didn't care where. As suddenly as she started, she stopped and leaned over to unzip me, realising my hardened cock. Mel used her hand to tease me before softly licking the tip of my cock. Then to my anazmement she plunged her whole mouth and tongue over my cock, right down to my balls. She licked and sucked like she was desperate to feel me cum. Before I even had a chance to hold back I was cumming down her throat. She moaned with each throb of my dick and licked up every drop of my cum to taste in her mouth.

Mel sat back up and said "I love the taste of your cum" as she licked her lips before rubbing her pussy once again. This time I pulled over and almost immediatley slid a finger inside her. I massaged her waiting clit as I slid yet another finger inside. Mel moaned louder and louder, harder and harder, untill I leaned over and licked her moist pussy. With my fingers still teasing her deeper inside, when she exploded with ecstaty and all I could feel was her pussy pulsing on my fingers. Through the screams of pleasure Mel begged me to fuck her blowjob porn videos hard right milf porn videos there. Who was I to disagree??....

She was still sat in the front seat so I kneeled down in front of her with my /cock/cock-hard/">cock hard at her entrance, teasing her with my tool. I slid in to her with one mighty thrust, pulling her deep on to my cock by the ass. She let out a sudden moan of pleasure and pulled me further inside, so I picked up the pace a little, pushing deeper and deeper in to Mel's pussy. She let a hand wander back to her clit and after a little while of the pleasure for both of us mounting, she arched her back and I knew she was ready to /hard/cum-hard/">cum hard again, but this time on my cock. I was ready too and with one last thrust, I buried my cock as deep as I could inside her. I groaned as I let go and Mel let out a scream with each pump of my cum. Still using her hand her pussy clamped my cumming cock, sucking my balls dry. We kissed and held each other close, my cock still inside as our bodies came down from what just happened.

We carried on with our journey and never spoke of what happened that night again.............between you and me though, she did text me the next morning saying it was /best/best-fucking/the-best-fuck/">the best fuck she'd ever had:P