The Night With A Woman

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
The Night With A Woman

One night I was hanging out with my friends at a club. Before we left we went into the parking lot and played a game of Truth or Dare. I was dared to kiss my friend Kara. By the time the old waman xxxgx kiss was finished we had felt weird about it. So when everyone else left Kara and I stayed behind and talked about what had happened. Then we left and we went to her house.

When we got there the house was filled with the smell of vanilla. She then asked if I wanted some champagne. I said yes and then sat down on the sofa. She came over to me and handed me a glass of champagne.

After the champagne (which I had 4 glasses bokep sma pecah perawan of), I went to the bathroom and Kara asked if she could come with me and I said sure. After I had used the bathroom she gave me a kiss.
When she gave me the kiss I was surprised but I didn't back away from her.

We then were walkin across the living room making out with each other.

We got to her bedroom and then we undressed ourselves. I noticed Kara was wearing a /thong/">thong. Then I saw the bathroom light on and I thought "Oh,  Crap theKara's boyfriend is home. "I didn't know what to tell Kara until he stepped out of the bathroom naked.
We then all looked at each other with such surpise. Ethan (Kara's boyfriend) the ran over to Kara and said "I'm so sorry",  then he turned away.

Kara and I looked at each other and then grabbed one of his arms so that each of us got one of them. We pulled him to the bed and (th naked) Kara rode his dick while ate me out. Then Kara and I switched.

After that night I enjoyed being at Kara's house with her boyfriend Ethan.