Big Brenda part 1

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Big Brenda part 1

When I was 19 years of age I had a sexual encounter with a large curvy friend of my mom. Her name was Brenda and she was very tall, very curvy with /tits/huge-tits/">huge tits and ass. I think my mom told me once that Brenda was six feet six inches and weighed twenty stone. I was amazed as I never heard of anyone that big except for some of the massive guys you see on the wrestling channel.

I on the other hand was a skinny 5'8 guy, complete virgin and had little or no experience with the opposite sex. Every time I saw Brenda in our house I used to get a boner in my jocks and would either have to leave the room or put a cushion over it to cover it. Brenda was always wearing the shortest most bet on skirts you could imagine and I nearly always caught a glimpse of her black lace knickers which nearly made me explode with excitement. What turned me on even more was the way she spoke to me and treated me whenever she saw me. She would stroke my hair, call me chicken and say I was a good boy.

I always felt like a small child around her. She towered over me when she wore 6 inch heels and I would only be up to her tits. She used to joke some days that I was the perfect height and that she could rest her massive boobs on my little head. I would get all embarrassed and laugh it off, but in fact inside I was on fire with excitement at this thought. I would fantasize about Brenda opening her shirt, taking off her bra, releasing her massive melons and sticking one of her nipples in my mouth to suck. In fact every time I saw Brenda I had this fantasy and would immediately run to the bathroom to blast one off.

One evening Brenda arrived in our house as she and my mom were heading out to some school reunion in one of the local hotels. Brenda was looking her usual hot self with tight short skirt and massive high heels which accentuated her colossal calves and thighs. She waited in the kitchen for my mam to get ready and made herself a quick drink while she waited. "How was your day sweetie?" asked Brenda as she walked past where I was sitting and rubbed my head affectionately as she always did. "It was good, how was yours?" I responded. "Oh you know honey, busy day at the office as always" she replied.

She began to make herself a vodka from the bottle on the kitchen counter and strolled over to the fridge to get some ice from the bottom shelf ice maker. I watched as this amazon goddess stooped down to dispense some ice into the glass she was carrying. He ass looked so big, tight and sexy from this angle and this sight immediately gave me a massive boner. I quickly grabbed one of my moms cushions and placed it over my crotch area to conceal my /erection/">erection.

When her drink was made Brenda turned and faced me. "So seeing any girls at the moment hon?" Brenda asked. "Eh not at the moment" I replied, "I'm too busy with sports and school for them" I chuckled. "Ah well, plenty of time for that when you get older pet" replied Brenda affectionately.

Brenda then walked across the kitchen and sat on the sofa beside me nearly bouncing me of the sofa as she sat down due to her massive weight. My boner started to get larger and larger as I glanced across at Brenda's muscular legs and her jet black high heels. My own boney legs looked positively pathetic compared to her mighty oak tree legs and her knees were a good eight inches or more higher than mine in this seated position. I began to get worried that I might shoot my load in my pants so I started to think of boring stuff like school work and my maths homework, but it was difficult as Brenda's /legs/big-legs/">big legs kept distracting me.

Brenda grabbed the TV remote control and began flicking through the channels as swigged the large vodka. She flicked on to one of those sex chat TV channels where a woman with enormous breasts was rubbing them with oil and was also rubbing herself below. "I bet you those diddies are fake, what do you think Mikey?" Brenda asked me. I was completely speechless to this question as not only was I turned on by Brenda, and the woman on the TV., but now Brenda was engaging in conversation of a sexual nature with me and I must say deep down I was loving it.

"Eh I'm not sure how you can tell the difference between real and fake" I replied. "Oh that's easy hon, it's all in the nipples. let me show you" said Brenda. With that Brenda lifted up her shirt and yanked out one of her massive tits. I knew nothing about bra sizes, but I knew that this tit was simply enormous and looked to be about twice the size of my head. She leaned over and showed me the end of her nipple which was pink and juicy looking. "See this hon, the nipple is soft and supple unlike that girl on TV. who has tight and rough looking ones" Brenda stated. "oh" I nervously replied.

This was all too much for my little dick and I immediately ejaculated in my pants. I closed my eyes and grimaced with embarrassment as this happened as I know Brenda knew I had done this. She quickly put her breast back into it's cup and pulled her shirt back down. "Are you ok hon?" asked Brenda as she reached down to my crotch area to examine the explosion in my pants. "eh I'm just going to the bathroom" I replied as I jumped off the sofa and scurried to the downstairs loo where I pulled my pants down and began releasing the remaining cum into the bathroom sink and pulling off a ton of toilet paper to clean up the mess in my underwear. I think I was in a state of shock "did that just really happen?" I wondered to myself.

I thought about what could have possibly happened if I had stayed on the couch and let Brenda put her hands on my crotch and perhaps into my pants. I was overcome with excitement again and my cock recovered straight away and began getting hard once more. I cleaned myself up, put my cock back into my underwear and pointed it in a upright position so as Brenda wouldn't see my boner.

I also pulled my jumper right down as an additional concealer. I opened the door and walked straight into the sitting room again where Brenda was standing up with my mom about to leave the house and get a taxi to the reunion. "You be good now sweetie" said my mom as she planted a kiss on my cheek. "He's always a good little boy Wendy" replied Brenda as she bent down and kissed me on the forehead affectionately putting both her hands on my cheeks to accomplish this.

With that they both walked out to the taxi outside and headed off to the reunion. I closed the door behind them and went back to sit on the sofa and to fantasize about Brenda and her huge tits. I think I must've spent two to three hours on the sofa stroking my cock, bringing it to near /ejaculation/">ejaculation and then stopping before I did so.

I figured that the longer I kept this up the better the orgasm would be. In the end I decided to stop fantasizing and to watch some TV. I figured I could spend another few hours fantasizing in bed later as it was a Friday night and I was not doing anything the next day. I watched an African wildlife documentary and some weird crime drama.

I looked at my watch and it was a quater to one in the morning. I was just about to get off the sofa to head to bed when I heard the front door open and close and someone walk up the corridoor towards where I was. I was initially /scared/">scared as I was'nt expecting my mom back until much later as I knew she would probably have gone to a night club with the girls after the reunion. "Hey Mikey, you still up?" It was Brenda. "Your mom has gone to a /party/">party with some of the girls from scool. I was'nt feeling the best so she said I could stay here as there were no taxis heading back to my area" said Brenda in a somewhat drunken tone.

My heart began to race with excitement as I saw the silhouette of Brenda behind the frosted glass of the sitting room door about to enter. She opened the door and walked straight over to the sofa and sat down beside me. The smell of alcohol off her was a bit overpowering but I didn't mind a whole lot to be honest. My dick started to become erect again, and I looked around for the cushion to place on top of it to conceal it but I could'nt find it as it dawned on me that Brenda was sitting on both of the cushions. I went to get up from the sofa to head into the bathroom to adjust myself but just as I had lifted myself from the sofa I felt a yank as I was pulled back down to where I was sitting.

"So where are you off to sweetie?" asked Brenda. "I'm eh just eh getting a drink of water" I responded nervously. "hmmm, you're going to straighten up your little boner hon are'nt you? Let auntie Brenda take a look at this for you sweetie" Brenda replied. "no no, it's ok Brenda I can just go to the.........." I could barely finish my sentence when Brenda aggressively unzipped my fly and released my cock. "Ah your little dick is hard, but small and /cute/">cute baby" I was stunned, and embarrassed with Brenda cradling my /balls/ball-cock/cock-and-balls/">cock and balls in her hands, but the excitement was still there. "I'm just going to give it a little suck hon and it will help it. Just leave it to your auntie Brenda".

Brenda got off the sofa and fell on to her knees in front of me. She opened her mouth and swallowed my cock and balls completely. She began sucking my little dick like a lollipop and the feeling was the most intense feeling I have ever felt in my entire life. I naturally placed my hands on her head in a reflex reaction and closed my eyes. She sucked for about one minute and then i blasted my load off straight down her throat. I gripped her head tight and moaned with excitement and relief as the cum was sucked out of me "aaaaaggggghhhhhh aaaaaagggghhhh" I yelped as Brenda continually sucked hard even after every drop of cum was sucked out of me.

I was like she was trying to suck the complete life from me. "mmmm that was yummy" proclaimed Brenda as she opened her mouth and released my dick. I collapsed back on the sofa and closed my eyes. I felt weak and sleepy from this experience and wondered what the hell just happened. "See I told you auntie Brenda would sort this out for you hon" Brenda sat back back on to the sofa and had a big dirty smile on her face. "You enjoyed that sweetie didn't you?" "Yes, it was very nice Brenda" I sheepishly responded. Brenda began to rub my head gently as she leaned over and whispered into my ear "Now you've got to sort out your auntie Brenda".

Me being a stupid naive little virgin didn't know what she meant when she said 'sort out' so I asked her. "Eh Brenda eh I'm not sure what you mean by 'sort out'?" With that Brenda got up on all fours on the sofa, pulled up her skirt over her back and pulled down her lace knickers leaving her enormous big ass directly in my face. The sight of this /ass/huge-ass/">huge ass was extremely intimidating for a puny guy like me with a /cock/small-cock/">small cock. "Was Brenda asking me to put my penis into her ass?" I thought to myself as my cock began to hard once more at the sight. She reached down to her pussy and began to massage it in front of me. "mmmm it's lovely and wet after sucking you off, and could do with a poke with your little dick sweetie"

Nervously I got on to me knees behind her and pulled out my cock. I was overcome by the fear and my cock began to get limp. Brenda understood it was obviously very nervous so she reached her hand between her thighs and began to massage my cock. It immediately began to get hard again and Brenda began directing my cock toward her /wet/pussy-wet/dripping-wet-pussy/">dripping wet pussy. I was no longer nervous, but the only problem was I was'nt tall enough to reach up to her pussy with my cock. I explained this to Brenda and felt like such a loser but there was nothing I could do, she was just too tall. "Just get a few cushions and kneel on them, this ought to do" Brenda said.

I looked around and grabbed all of the cushions in the sitting room and stacked them on top of each other. There must have been about five in total. I then knelt on top them. When the cushions compressed I had about an additional eight inches in height which was the perfect height for cock to penetrate her juicy pussy which was getting wetter by the minute. After Brenda giving my cock another quick massage I entered her pussy being guided by her. It was the strangest yet nicest sensation I ever experienced. Her pussy was warm, tight and very moist.

She told me to pull out and dart back in quickly and to keep up this motion. I held on her massive hips as I began to pull out and in, out and in slowly building up speed and momentum getting more confident and hard with every movement. This laster for about two or three minutes until I finally blew my load inside her. "aaaaaaaaaaaagggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaggggggggghhhhhhhh aaaaaagggggghhhhhhhh" I roared as I emptied my sack of cum into Brenda. I wrapped my arms around her belly and collapsed onto her back with exhaustion.

The cushions under my knees wwwxxx fell away and I just left draped across Brenda with my knees not touching the sofa. I felt so relaxed and sleepy after blasting my load. I know it was probably no good for Brenda who's probably used to massive cocks and guys who can last longer than three minutes. "You'll have to get up now hon" Brenda declared. I got down from Brenda, put my cock back in and sat back on the sofa "That was fantastic, thank you so much Brenda". "No probs hon, but I'll need you to do me one last favour" she replied. "I'm not totally fulfilled so I'll need you to give me a licking below just to get me off" With that she sat back on the sofa, stretched out her massive legs parting them widely and placing her feet on the glass coffee table.

She pulled out one of her massive tits and began to massage it in an erotic manner with one hand. With the other hand she reached over and grabbed me by the back of the neck with a firm grip and forced my head down to her pussy. I was'nt really sure about this, because I never licked pussy before and her pussy was now also dripping cum. I tried to pull away but she was just way to big and strong for me and easily overpowered me. Before I knew it my face was rammed into her pussy and all its wetness. "It would be better if you get in front of me, kneel down and lick my pussy that way" I really didn't want to argue so I meekly and obediently consented.

Brenda lifted up one of her legs from the coffee table and I knelt down in front of her. She began to rub her pussy in front of me, stroking her slit and lips and marinating the cum into it. "What are you waiting for?" she asked "I eh......." I was'nt really sure what to say but before I could get the words out, Brenda reached over, grabbed my head and pulled me right down into her juicy pussy. "Now lick!" she demanded. I stuck my tongue into her pussy which tasted kind of salty or something along those lines. I had never tasted pussy before and was nervous about doing so.

The first lick didn't taste so nice so I licked it again starting from the bottom of the slit to the top with my tongue deep in the slit. "mmmmmm" she moaned "get deeper hon" I stuck my tongue in as deep as it could go and liked from top to bottom, swallowing her love juices. Brenda reached down, grabbed my head and said "not deep enough". She then forced my the wwwxxx face so deep into her large pussy that my entire face was nearly covered by her lips. She then adjusted herself on the couch to accomodate this by pushing her ass out further and squishing my head between her massive thighs to get the full effect.

I found it difficult to breathe when she was doing this, but I don't think Brenda really seemed to care all that much. She just wanted to cum plain and simple. I kept on having visions of my mom walking in on top of us and found it unnerving, I mean what would she think if she saw this? Would she be angry with Brenda, disgusted with me?

I carried on licking as hard and as fast as I could because I figured if Brenda came quickly then I could get up, clean myself off and then go to bed. After about ten minutes of non stop licking Brenda's moans started to get louder and louder and I imagined she was about to blow any minute. "aaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggghhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaggggggggggghhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" screamed Brenda as she finally came hard on my face.

I swallowed whatever ever came out of her. "mmmmmmmmm you're such a good little boy mmmmmmmmmm, you made your big auntie Brenda very happy indeed" She reached out and grabbed the hood from my hoodie top and used this to wipe her pussy clean of the remaining cum. "That's going in the wash straight after this" I thought to myself. "mmmmm I'm glad I came there Mikey because I was just about to force your head down to lick me /hole/ass-hole/">ass hole, that always gets me off". "I'm glad you did too" I replied.

She allowed me to get up off my knees and stand to my feet. Brenda also stood up towering over me as she looked at her watch. It was two in the morning. "I think we both should be heading to bed now" Brenda declared. "Yeah I think so too, it's getting late and I'm tired. What time will my mom be home at do ye know Brenda?". "I'm not too sure Mikey. It all depends if she finds herself a man tonight or not" she chuckled.

With that Brenda received a text message. "hmmm looks like your mom won't be coming home this evening. She's going back to one of the girls houses for late drinks and won't be home until tomorrow afternoon so I gues that means you can stay in my bed tonight Mikey". Brenda then put her hands on my shoulders and began frog marching me down to the spare room where she usually stayed when in our house.

We entered the bedroom, and Brenda immediately stripped of her shirt, and skirt. She stood in front of me wearing her bra, knickers and high heels. I walked over to her and put my head in between her huge tits and she put her arms around me clutching me tight and squeezing my head tight between the massive melons. I put my hand into her knickers and began feeling her pussy which was starting to once again become very wet and moist.

To be continued...