All for cum and Cum for all

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All for cum and Cum for all

"One of you two is gonna get shoved into the road, you know that?"

Vince laughed and pushed Michelle again saying, "Better her than me!" Christina shook her head and smiled. The three had been friends for a few years now, and they were off on another escapade. For just finishing a large pizza between stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv the three of them, they had more energy than they knew what to do with. They began pushing and shoving each other playfully. Vince and Michelle met a while back and had dated for a time, and though the relationship ended they were still very close friends. Christina had known Vince through a play several years back and they remained in contact over the years. The three of them had constantly joked about sex with each other, teasing on a consistent basis. Today, though, was different.

They all decided to go back to Vinces house and hang out there. When they arrived, the trio chose a movie and went into Vinces room to watch on the bigger T.V. As friends often do, they all piled onto the bed, laying on each other, entwined. Several minutes into the movie, Christine saw Michelle out of the corner of her eye suddenly twitch. Turning her head slightly, she saw Vinces hand lightly caressing Michelles inner thigh. Christina chuckled slightly, and said, "Get a- oh wait, this is your room... You bastard!" Vince laughed and withdrew his hand. Christina happened to glance over and see an enormous bulge in his jeans. They were tight enough that you could see the outline of his cock, but not tight enough to be obvious. Christina felt a small flip in her stomach, but she just chuckled and resumed watching the movie.

After a few more minutes, Christine was nearing a state of hysteria. She had been thinking about that /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock... and the things she could do with it! She finally got enough courage to tell Vince about it, but before she could, she looked over to see Michelle fidgiting, apparently dealing with the same feeling of arousal. Their eyes met, and they both suddenly grinned. Vince, however, was completely oblivious as he watched the screen intently. They removed their shirts and bras behind him, and could barely keep from laughing. Then they both reached around Vince, and dragged him to the bed. Christina immediately moved to bite and suck on Vinces neck, however, Michelle was more blunt about her approach. She pulled off Vinces shirt, and began to gently bite on his stomach. She worked her way down, and quickly pulled his cock out of his jeans. It became rock hard in her expert hands, and his breathing began to quicken. The girls were thoroughly enjoying themselves teasing him.

Michelle looked up at Vince, and whispered, "Ready?" A moan and nod were all he managed to give her. She smiled and slowly slid her mouth over his /cock/huge-cock/">huge cock. Vince threw his head back and gasped loudly. Christina smiled and began to move her chest up to Vinces face, and he took one of her nipples into his mouth and began to work wonders on her. She moaned lightly, feeling her pussy getting hotter. Several minutes later, Michelle stopped and crawled seductively up to Christina. They smiled and Michelle pulled her towards her and they began to kiss. Christina felt her stomach flip again, and she slid her tongue into Michelles mouth. Vinces hand slid to his cock, and began to move up and down slowly. Christina saw this, and immediately reprimanded him saying. "Thats no longer yours honey. It belongs to us now."

She slid herself down the bed to his thighs, and licked along his inner thighs, slowly moving up towards his cock. She reached it, took it in her hand and began to jerk him off. She watched his hard cock in her hand, and slowly, tantalizingly, moved her head towards his long shaft. Christina took as much in her mouth as she could, and began to move her head up and down as quick as she could. She could feel him squirming, and glanced up to see Michelle sucking on his neck and running her nails down his chest. Christina got up and said, "I think its time we got down to the nitty gritty."

Vince immediately piped up, "You two havent had any fun yet." The girls look at each other and smile. Michelle, being the more aggresive one, moved towards Christine and said, "Youre very pretty. I dont know if youve ever gotten that from another girl." She gave Christina a light hickey, and then moved down towards her chest. She took one of her breasts in her hand, and began to lick and suck the other one. Christina moaned lightly, and quickly rolled Michelle over to return the favor. Michelle, however, had different plans. She began to slide down Christinas body, and swiftly removed her pants and panties. Christina had become incredibly aroused, and her breathing was already irregular. Michelle licked along her slit, and felt her hips move. She lightly sucked on Christinas clit, watching her moan in /ecstasy/">ecstasy. "Oh my god girls, youre so fucking sexy!" Christina smiled and said, "Hey Vince, you want in on this?" She pushed him behind Michelle, and layed back, enjoying the incredible rush. Vince moved behind Michelle, and easily slid a finger into her /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy. Christina began to massage her own breasts, staring at Michelles head bobbing up and down. Michelle couldnt controll herself as she moaned into Christinas cunt, thrusting her hips at Vinces hand.

Christinas back arched, and began to lightly pull on Michelles golden hair. Michelle, smiled wickedly, and slid a finger, then a second, into Christina. She threw her head back and moaned loudly. Vince finger fucked Michelle harder and faster, and her moans were audible even through Christinas /pussy/sweet-pussy/">sweet pussy. The two girls were writhing in pleasure, when suddenly Christina screamed, and sent /sweet/">sweet juices all over Michelles fingers and mouth. Vince slid his hand out, and licked his fingers clean, while Christina pulled Michelle up to her. She voraciously kissed her, savoring the white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie taste of her own juices. Vince laughed.

"You havent had a taste of Michelle yet, have you," he asked Chritina. She laughed and tolled Michelle over. Vince said, "Make sure you keep your hips in the air while you eat her out." Christine began to massage Michelles inner thighs while Vince pulled her hips up so she was on her knees. She began to lick along Michelles pussy, all around her clit. Then, she paused over it, waited and then continued to lick all around. Behind her, Vince was sliding his cock up and down her slit, coating it with juices. Christina then finally licked lightly along Michelles clit, and her response was a sudden twitch and gasp. Christina continued to lick all over her pussy, when suddenly Vince thrust his cock deep into her pussy. Christina nearly yelled with ecstasy and thrust her tongue as deep as she could inside Michelle, who was squirming uncontrollably.

Christina slid two fingers into Michelles warm cunt and began to finger fuck her, while sucking on her clit. Vinces hips began to pump faster and faster, slamming against Christinas ass. His /cock/thick-cock/">thick cock drove her absolutely insane! She slid a third, then a fourth finger into Michelle and began to move her had as fast as she could. Michelle began to moan, "Im gonna cum! Oh fuck Christina, Im gonna cum!" Christina said seductively, "You wanna cum, baby?" All Michelle could manage was another gasp. Christina began to rub her clit and finger her at an amazing rate. Vince began to fuck Christina faster, becoming so much more turned on by the two girls moans. Michelles back arched, and she screamed, "Im cumming! Jesus fucking christ Im cumming!" She let her warm juices flow out of her cunt, and Christina greedily licked them up. "Mmmm, you taste better than I do!" Vince continued to fuck Christina mercilessly. Michelle sat back and watched the looks of pleasure on Christinas face while she was rammed by Vinces /cock/big-cock/">big cock. Vince moaned loudly and said, "Im gonna cum soon!"

The two girls immediately crawled by each other and kneeled in front of Vince. He moaned and sprayed his warm cum all over the two. They licked it all off of each other, and Vinces still hard cock as he layed panting on the bed. They laughed and Christina crawled up to him and ran her fingers lightly on his stomach. "Aww poor baby!" He immediately replied, "Poor baby?! I never felt better in my life!" They all laughed. "Im a little tired though. A threesome kinda takes it outta you." Christina answered, "But if teels great!" He laughed and said, "You dont have to tell me twice!. Michelle stood up, still absolutely naked and said, "From this day on, we are the Threesomekateers!" Vince laughed and said, "All for cum, and cum for all!" Christina jumped up, called them idiots and tackled them. They all rolled on the bed for a while, then fell asleep in each others arms.