Virgin princess Anita

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Virgin princess Anita

After Swati, I got another student in the same house who was pursuing her management studies. She is Anita (name changed). She is very beautiful like an angel. She had very fair complexion. Her figure stat is 34-28-36. I started her teaching BBA maths and dreaming about her to have sex with her.

I used to masturbate thinking of her daily. She didn?t know about my feelings for her. One day, I went to teach her. She was alone at home. I didn?t see anyone in her home that day. I was teaching her and looking at her boobs. Its neither very big nor very small. It?s a standard size. She wore a black legins which was very tight. I can imagine how /fat/">fat her thighs and legs were.

She wore a white top and there was a tag-line ?HONEY-BEE? on her boobs. Oh! What a line! I wanted to be a honey-bee to suck honey from her boobs. After sometimes, I sexxxx video ful hd asked her, ?Are you alone??. She said, ?Yes. Why??. I replied, ?Nothing. I?m just asking.? She was very intelligent and I was caught by her.

She asked, ?Do you want to fuck me??. I got stunned and said, ?How do you know??. She said, ?I know. Coz I?m very beautiful. Everyone want to fuck me. When I go with a street, there are no such boys who don?t stare at me. But they are not that lucky to have me.? Then I said, ?Well. May I know who is that lucky guy??. She didn?t replied. Just smiled at me. I said, ?What??. She said, ?Nothing.?

When a girl says nothing, that means there is something that they don?t want to express. I couldn?t control myself any more. I held her head from the back and kissed her lips. She was trying to push me back but hadn?t the strength to push me as I held her very tightly and continued kissing her lips. After a few minutes I stopped. What a taste of her lips! I can?t forget in my whole life.

The sensation of her lips were stuck to mine. I said, ?Sorry. I shouldn?t do that.? She was very angry. Again I apologized to her. She didn?t say anything and left the room. After 5 mins or so she returned back and locked the door from inside. Then she stared at me and said, ?You are the best kisser I had ever kissed. So???

She didn?t finish her words and came to me and sat on my laps and said, ?Let?s have sex?. I couldn?t believe my ears. I would have dreamt about her but to have her on bed its really a dreamtime. I pinched on my hands to test whether it?s a dream or real life. But its real! I felt a little bit pain on my hand. She said, ?What are you doing? Why are you pinching on your hands??

Without a reply I closed her lips with mine and started licking her honeyed lips. I licked her lips for 10 mins and then licked her fair cheeks. It was so soft that I couldn?t stop. I licked her cheeks and face for 15 mins and when I stopped then her face was fully watered with my tongue. Then I unbuttoned her top and legins.

She was then in her black bra and pink panty. She was looking very sexy. I pressed her boobs over her bra. It was so soft that I continued pressing it. Then I removed her bra and panty. She hadn?t hair on her pussy and it was reddish in colour. Her boobs were very soft. I kissed her left boob and started sucking it while pressing her right one and vice-versa.

Her boobs were like a softy choco bar and very delicious. I was licking her boobs as long as I wished to do and was rubbing her vagina. Then I came down to her navel. Uff! its very exciting. It made me /crazy/">crazy. I licked each and every part of her belly. Its intoxicating. I licked it about half an hour. Then I moved down to her hotty thighs and watered it by my tongue.

She was enjoying my licking session. I was then fingering her pussy. She was moaning aaahhhhhhh! ufffffffffff! aaaauuuuuuuuuuu! coooommmmeeeeeeee onnnnnnnnnnn! lick it quickkkkkkk! oooooofffffffffffff! Then I started licking her pussy, the softest part of her whole body. It was like a bud and smelt like the fragrance of rose. She was virgin and didn?t have sex before.

So I licked her vagina more and more to charge her up sexually for intimation. I was /tickling/">tickling her pussy with my tongue and wriggled it inside her vagina. After 20 minutes, she reached to her orgasm and threw her pussy-honey to my face. I licked it completely with a great joy. How delicious her juice was! I wanted to lick more juices so I didn?t stop licking her vagina.

She was moaning loudly aahhhhh! ooooooffffffffff! pleasssseeeeeeee fuckkkkkkk! But I continued licking her pussy. When she threw her juices for the 3rd time then I stopped. I kissed her again and then she was ready to fuck. My cock was fully erected and I put it on her vagina. She was afraid as it was her 1st time. I kissed her and said, ?Don?t worry. Everything will be fine.?

I pushed my cock to her vagina slowly. It was not going inside. Her pussy was very tight. Then I moved out my penis and fingered her pussy. After xxx sex video download free com that again I inserted my penis into her /pussy/pussy-hole/">pussy hole and started pushing gently. She was screaming very loudly ahhhhhhhhhhh! onooooooooooooo! nooooooooo! Within a few seconds I pushed my dick with a very hard stroke and I heard a very low sound came from inside of her vagina.

She screamed with her highest pitch aaaaaaaaaaaa! uffffffffffffffffffffffffffff! my gooooddddd! I knew that I broke her seal and felt proud to take the virginity of such a damsel babe. My penis was blooded by her and some blood came out of her pussy by my strokes. Then I fucked her very hard. She was screaming in the beginning but after sometimes she started enjoying the intercourse.

I fucked her /asshole/">asshole also. I fucked her 4 times within 3 hours and then threw my cum on her belly. Both of us enjoyed a lot. After that day, in each class we have /oral/oral-sex/">oral sex. When she is alone then she calls me even now. I go to her room and fuck her with a great amusement.